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What does Gabardine mean?

Made from any fibre (not just cotton), it is one of two twills. If single plied yarns are used, it is a distinctive 45 or 63 warp face left hand twill, or a right hand twill if a two ply yarn is used in the weft.

Heddels explains Gabardine

Gabardine is a strong, tightly woven fabric traditionally made of worsted wool, though nowadays cotton and synthetic blends are also popular.

Created and patented by Thomas Burberry in 1888, the name gabardine came from the term gabardina of medieval times, which was a long, loose coat or cloak tied at the waist. Today, gabardine is most commonly used for suits and trousers.

Additional Resources

A close-up snapshot of garbadine:

Raw Denim Term - Gabardine

Source: bivolino.com

Dior Homme Stretch Gabardine Duffle Coat:

Raw Denim Term - Gabardine

Source: selectism.com