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The Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

So it’s December 16th and you’ve waited til “nine ladies dancing” to even think about getting gifts. Don’t worry, we did too. That’s why we’re here with our down to the wire suggestions.

All of the below are in stock, ready to ship, and should arrive with plenty of time to set under the tree. Best of all, they’re all 60 bucks or less!

The Hill-Side Iron-On Chambray Patches


$14 at Armitage & McMillan

Sure, you may know all about darning and DIY denim repairs, but there’s something to be said for the efficiency of an iron-on patch. Textile aficionados The Hill-Side have taken some of their best fabrics and given them the iron-on treatment. They’re incredibly simple to use–just peel, stick, heat, and kiss your holes goodbye!

Corter Bottlehook


$36.50 at Corter

This thing is a triple-threat. Cast in California from either pewter, copper, or brass, the bottlehook is a keychain, a bottle opener, and a nametag. Okay, maybe the nametag’s not as useful as the other two, but it’s a nice bonus.

Mr. Black Denim Refresh


$11 at Hypebeast

This is a gift that has to be given delicately, because the ostensible message is that you think they smell. But if they do smell, give this to them, because it works.

Indigo Dye Kit


$11 at Amazon

Indigo-dyeing is a fun (and dirty) way to spend an afternoon. This is the same kit I used during my backyard experiment earlier this year. It has everything you need except the bucket and has enough pigment to dye your whole closet.

Fairbault Mills Revival Stripe Wool Scarf


$60 at Fairbault Woolen Mills

With notable collabs like their recent blanket-lined Rogue Territory jacketFairbault Woolen Mills is coming back in a big way. The Revival Scarf is a throwback to the trade blankets they’ve produced since 1865, albeit in a slightly more manageable size.

Denim Style by Horst Friedrichs


$24 at Amazon

If you’re looking for hi-res glossies of incredible fades and guys working on vintage motorcycles, then this is the book for you. Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs spent years cataloguing the people that wear and produce our favorite fabric.

Columbiaknit Marled Knit Watch Cap


$17 at Huckberry

Columbiaknit has been producing knitwear in Portland, Oregon since the 1920s and they still have some of the same knitting machines on the floor. And it seems like their prices have hardly gone up since they started production, this 100% cotton watch cap is less than 20 bucks.

Berkeley Soaply Soap


$12 at Berkeley Supply

I had a childhood friend whose mom would wash his mouth out with soap every time he swore. He eventually grew to like the taste of soap and started swearing more and more to get his fix. If Greg’s mom had been using Berkeley Soaply (crafted with cedar, sage, goat’s milk in Marfa, Texas), I would have found his approach completely understandable. But she wasn’t, she was using Palmolive and Greg was really weird.

3sixteen Atomic Interlock Coffee Mug


$15 at 3sixteen

This mug originally came out as a part of 3sixteen’s Decade Collection two summers ago, but has since won it’s way into regular rotation. Designed by menswear vet and all-around cool guy, Stack-Aly, there’s no better way to enjoy a retrofuturist cup of joe.

Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Socks


$8 at Oak Street Bootmakers

There’s always been a stigma against with receiving socks for Christmas, but I’m in the other camp. I want socks, I actually asked for socks this year. And it’s hard to do better than the Trail Socks from OSB: made in the USA, 6 colors, and 8 bucks a pop.

Hollows Leather Gandy Dancer Keychain


$50 at Hollows Leather

Most hanging keychains go on your belt loops, this one goes on your belt, which means no more busted belt loops. The fact that it’s hand-stitched, has a Japanese brass clasp, and comes in unfinished veg-tan leather so it develops a patina with age is just the icing on the cake.

Naked & Famous Selvedge Denim Kippah


$25 at Tate + Yoko

If you’re conflicted between your desire to show reverence to God and your lust for sick fadez, Naked & Famous has the hat for you! The selvedge denim Kippah (or yarmulke, or skull cap) comes with a lining, button top, and a hair clip built right in. I am seriously interested in seeing the evos on this one.

Winter Session Zip Bags


$35 at Winter Session

This is the pencil case you are looking for: 20oz. waxed cotton canvas, brass YKK zip, and a riveted leather pull. It’s all so simple but it comes together like a perfect haiku. And, trust me, they’re harder to make than they look.

Teranishi Leather Bookmarks


$20 at Teranishi

Paper books may be going the way of the dodo, but I hope there’s always a place for the humble bookmark. Teranishi does too, and this is also and a clever way to use his scraps. These 4oz. full grain bookmarks come in a set of three, so you can give two away while keeping one for yourself and they’ll never be the wiser…



$5.50 at Hickoree’s

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think you’ve really had a childhood unless you’ve had half of your arm and leg hair ripped out by a Slinky. The venerable Slinky is still made in the USA out of cold and unforgiving spring steel. Be the sadist and give one to your nephew.

Self Edge Clothes Hanger


$37 at Self Edge

Now you can take the Self Edge experience home with one of their jean hangers, handmade by San Francisco artist Jeff Burwell. Just don’t try packing it in your carry-on luggage.

Wrangler Denim Stocking


$14 at Wrangler

Finally, something no denimhead can live without this holiday season–a stocking in Wrangler’s signature mid-weight broken twill denim. Pre-soak to avoid crocking on your presents.

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